Freelance Producer

Matt Cibulka

Matt Cibulka

Post-Production Producer - Video Editor

I am submerged in the world of post-production. My interests are diverse, including editing, sound design, color correction, and post-production management. I received a BA in Film and Video, concentrating on Post-Production at Columbia College Chicago. After college, I briefly interned and freelanced with Foundation Content, primarily invested in web design. Shortly after, I started at 90 Degrees West as an Assistant Editor, preparing projects and delivering assets. After gaining the trust of clients, I was promoted to Post-Production Producer at 90 Degrees West. I take pride in efficiently completing tasks and perfecting every last detail. I’m full of midwestern hospitality, laughter, and a healthy dose or organization obsession!

Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.

  • 24bcbdbMatt has a very upbeat personality and takes on any task with a smile on his face. He has a complete understanding of video production and the post production process which makes his ability to manage media, personnel and problem solve project requests second nature. He is detail oriented and he has a great memory for details. Even with a large task list and demands coming from all sides of the project, he approaches each task with urgency, calmness, and executes them fully. He’s a great addition to any team, and a pleasure to work with.
    Beth Martychenko (Producer)
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    Matt’s the type of producer that’s like a load bearing wall. He handles the shifting storms of production and post with endless smiles and enthusiasm. Always a great one to be in the trenches with, and he tolerates my endless analogies.

    Andrew Maggio (Editor)
  • I worked with Matt at 90 Degrees West and not only was organized, wicked smart but he assisted all our editors on their sessions, while working on projects of his own. Matt would be asset to any project!

    Cornelia (Producer)
  • 0d298e1 I would recommend Matthew in a heartbeat. He has a great attitude and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Any sort of request I had he was always quick to respond back and fulfill the request in a timely manner. And almost always, we needed a quick turnaround all the time. He is incredibly smart and knowledgable about his industry and I definitely miss working with him!
    Lauren Steiner (Account Manager - Cannonball)
  • 10f9679For past years working with Matt, he expressed a lot of interest in whatever task he was assigned, learning new skills as job required and was very helpful in anything you ask him to do. From editing to managing a production process – he is an excellent candidate for your job.
    Vlad Sarkisov (Animation/Compositing/VFX at 90 Degrees West)
  • 28584baMatthew is a absolute joy to work with. He is a great multi-tasker handling everything from producing and client interactions to technical duties as well. He is always a huge help to me when I work with him and I rely on him a great deal when we are on the same project. He is also quite funny and has a wonderful positive attitude when the going gets tough. He would be a great asset to anyone.
    Carl MacNeal (Editor)